About Us

Greencycle Crafts is a youth-run organization dedicated to sharing the wonders of arts and crafts while also promoting the importance of reusing and recycling used tennis balls!

We implement ingenious ways of reusing used tennis balls. Our goal is to make sharing awareness as easy and effective as possible, so we can continue spreading the word about the importance of recycling in the community.

We also want to inspire enthusiasm, delight, and encourage creativity.

the problem

Every year, 125 million used tennis balls ends up in landfills and generates 20,000 tons of methane-producing and non-compostable waste. Methane is a greenhouse gas which is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. One tennis ball takes over 400 years to decompose. 

our mission

To inspire the public to discover ingenious ways of reusing and recycling used tennis balls to highlight our shared commitment to a greener planet. Join us in making a difference.

Our partner

In collaboration with the nonprofit organization Net Love, we are joining forces to develop art kits featuring gently used tennis balls.